Serena Steroids

Today, or a 100 years from today, people will take Serena Williams’ name with utmost respect and love. No wonder, this is what the tennis star has earned for herself today.

However, her journey was never too smooth as you and I think. Like all the other popular stars, she too faced controversies, extreme racism, backlash and what not. Yet, the right-handed tennis player chose to stay strong and fight against all odds.


Serena Williams alleged involvement in anabolic drugs- the subject that has been raised every now and then, nearly almost throughout her career is no surprise to us.

In fact, a group by the name ‘cyber-espionage group fancy bear’ even designated Serena’s involvement in steroids which left all her fans feeling puzzled and upset.

The controversy erupted like fire when it stated that Serena, along with her sister, Venus Williams have received medical exemptions that granted them the use of agents that are otherwise prohibited for people belonging to the sports field.

However, the Williams sisters were not only the ones being dragged; the Russian Hackers who managed to attain the medical evidences from the World Anti- Doping Agency’s servers also exposed Simone Biles, the popular gymnast in the very same case.

Fundamentally, the use of any substance that holds the power to augment performance is strictly forbidden by the law makers. Especially when it comes to competitive sports, the involvement in steroidal use is treated as a serious offence, to which the offender becomes subjected to penalty, withdrawals from the titles or worst, suspension!


The group that demonstrated Williams’s involvement in performance enhancing drugs further indicated towards the dishonest nature of International Olympic committee and WADA, in response to which the latter stepped ahead and proclaimed how well the global anti-doping community’s attempts to restore harmony in Russia have been compromising through such unlawful means.


We generally think of steroids as agents that support great performance in the field, but few of us really know that there are a number of substances, or say, majority of them, aid with health concerns.

Essentially, there are a plethora of drugs (of both sorts, that is the ones that treat medical problems and the ones that purely contributes to better performance) that fall under the category of substances prohibited by World Anti- Doping Agency.

Since, athletes and sportsperson are human too; they may call for drugs that can help them feel better, in case of need. Thereby, their appeal to use a certain drug, may not necessarily means- breaching of laws.

In conditions like these they can get therapeutic use exemptions by the committee, justifiably.

And so was the case with Serena and the other two who sought permission to use medicinal drugs, thereby, blaming her for exploiting the global, anti-doping rules would be truly unfair.

On the other hand, the fellow gymnast who was also named to get medical exemption used the social media platform, Twitter to express her opinion on the entire incidence. According to her, she has a psychological disorder called attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, owing to which, using medicines is her need. Thereby, she is not sorry and embarrassed for what she believes is truly just.


Even though, Serena came out clean of the allegations made in 2016, yet, arguments and allegations related to her steroidal use never stopped following her.

Of late, she raised her voice against excessive drug testing, proclaiming it to be a sheer act of discrimination on Twitter. According to her:

“… and it’s that time of the day to get “randomly” drug tested and only test Serena. Out of all the players its been proven I’m the one getting tested the most. Discrimination? I think so. At least I’ll be keeping the sport clean”

Through another tweet, she further added:

“But I’m ready to do whatever it takes to have a clean sport so bring it on me. I’m excited”

While all her fans favored and came in support of Serena, her all-time critics did not lose the opportunity to criticize her and depict their suspicion on her.


Whether or not, Serena use steroids is still a hot topic of debate, but the fact is, that she has never been proven to use substances known for improving performance.

So she definitely has a benefit of doubt!

But let’s not forget that she is a strong woman with a fighting spirit, positive approach and successful career in hand.

Rest assured, she will go to extreme lengths to ensure she does not disappoint anyone connected to her, be it her family, fans or the ones that have always trusted her- and of course, this is something she has always proven on both the personal and professional grounds!